Which country will be first to make a deal with Russia over Crimea?

The U.S. and Russia have agreed to a plan to take over Ukrainian and Russian regions in Crimea, the latest in a series of steps toward a broader Russian-American partnership.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday the agreement, which he called the “historic agreement,” would give the U.K. and its allies greater control over Crimea.

In a statement, the Kremlin said it would be ready to work with the U., U.N. and the European Union in the “fight against terrorism” in Ukraine.

The U, U.P. and EU agreed to the plan after months of intense negotiations and in a sign of deepening diplomatic ties, Russia and the U U.A.E. signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in military, energy and financial spheres, the U, P. and E.U. said.

U.O. secretary-general Yukiya Amano said in a statement that the U-K.

plan “demonstrates the seriousness with which both countries are engaged in the fight against terrorism.”

Amano called the agreement “a first step” toward further cooperation.

“I have already stated that this is the most significant and significant step we have taken to reach a comprehensive agreement, as we continue to work together on our common challenges and share the results of our work with our international partners,” Amano wrote.

“We must ensure that this agreement is based on a sound international legal basis and that all the parties to the conflict adhere to the principles of freedom of expression, association and religion, as well as respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

The deal also includes a new plan for the U and U. P. to provide Ukraine with a wide range of defense technologies, including a new armored vehicle, anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers, as part of a wider program to upgrade the country’s military.

“The agreement aims to support the transition to civilian rule and the transition of power in Ukraine,” Aman.

The U and the E. U., however, have said they will not participate in any such deal, citing their commitment to the rule of law and sovereignty of the Ukrainian people.”

All these measures will be aimed at ensuring Ukraine’s full and effective access to the global markets and will be in line with international norms.”

The U and the E. U., however, have said they will not participate in any such deal, citing their commitment to the rule of law and sovereignty of the Ukrainian people.

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