How to Get Over the Summer Sickness in Miami: How to Take Care of Your Body

By now, most people in Miami are probably familiar with the common summertime flu.

But in the winter months, it can be hard to avoid getting sick.

So how do you stay healthy when you’re just a little bit sick?

Here are 10 tips for staying healthy and healthy at the same time during the summer.1.

Keep your water and other household items chilled at least four hours a day. 

The coldest time of the year is during the spring. 

“I’m not really a big fan of it, but I’m trying to make it work,” said Kourtney, a 25-year-old freelance writer who’s been working in Miami Beach. 

Kourtney said she tries to drink a water bottle and a glass of water on the go, but that the water bottle needs to be cold enough to get through to her heart.2.

Get a sunscreen on at least three days a week. 

If you are wearing sunscreen during the winter, be sure to get it on before you get sick, said Kaitlyn, a 31-year old freelance writer. 

She said that’s because it can take up to five hours to get sunscreen on, and she prefers to avoid using it for long periods of time.3.

Limit your time outside. 

Even if you’re a weekend warrior, you’re going to want to be mindful of your surroundings. 

“[The heat] is not good for your body,” Kourtny said. 

There’s no way to completely avoid the summer heat, but the best thing to do is keep your temperature down and get out and exercise regularly.4.

Keep a warm and comfortable bed. 

When you’re feeling a little sick, you may find yourself staying up late and sleeping in. 

But a warm, comfortable bed will keep you hydrated throughout the day.5.

Keep track of your body temperature. 

Once you’re sick, keep a journal, Kourtneys said.

If you feel like you’re not feeling well, write down your symptoms and your temperature.

If your symptoms are worse than your temperature, you’ll want to get medical help.6.

Eat healthfully. 

Avoid eating junk food, sweets, and fried foods during the week and avoid foods that contain high levels of salt, such as ice cream, candy, and chocolate.7.

Drink plenty of fluids. 

As long as you drink water and keep your body cool, you should be able to get around the flu with little or no discomfort.

But remember to drink plenty of liquids during the flu season.8. Eat well. 

Drinking fluids throughout the week will help you stay hydrated. 

Keep your weight in check, exercise regularly, and eat healthy. 


Keep active. 

It’s important to get as much sleep as possible during the day and to get some exercise at night.

If possible, you can get enough exercise while you’re still feeling ill to avoid dehydration. 


Eat healthy.