How to get to Tehran via Ohio

Ohio is the most direct route to Tehran from Turkey, but it’s also the most difficult, said John Stumpf, a former U.S. State Department official who has been traveling there as part of a new documentary project called Tehran in a Day.

The trip began when Stumpff, a Republican and the former deputy national security adviser for Iran, went to the United Arab Emirates last fall.

He says he wanted to see the capital, but that the UAE government was blocking his way.

Stumpff’s film takes viewers from the airport to a military base in the eastern part of the city, where they see soldiers guarding the front gates.

It ends with a convoy of Iranian security forces entering the city and entering the U.A.E., where the film shows a group of protesters being held by soldiers and detained.

The guards tell Stumpiff that the demonstrators are terrorists.

“There are no laws in Iran.

They’re being tortured, but the people are resisting,” Stumpferf told The Associated Press in an interview in New York.

Stumps documentary, which premiered on Wednesday in New Zealand, was funded by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, an anti-Iran advocacy group that has been lobbying the Trump administration for the past year.

The film’s director, John B. Stumpfs, has said that he believes the government of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is working to “create a regime of fear and terror that will serve the U,S.

interests in the region.”

Rouhani’s government, which has ruled Iran for more than half a century, has been widely criticized for its crackdown on dissent and human rights abuses, including a 2013 crackdown on an opposition newspaper and a 2012 death sentence for journalists.

Iran’s human rights record has long been criticized by the West and Iran’s own government.

U.S.-based Iranian researchers and journalists say the crackdown on their profession has resulted in some journalists and scholars being imprisoned, tortured and even executed.

In the United States, the Obama administration also sanctioned dozens of Iranian journalists and officials for allegedly violating the country’s human-rights laws.

The U.N. Security Council recently condemned Iran for a “campaign of persecution” against independent media outlets.