New Hampshire Republican Party Releases Statement Against Anti-Muslim Rally

New Hampshire Republicans have released a statement condemning the anti-Muslim rally scheduled for Saturday.

New Hampshire Republican Chairman Joe Bolger announced the statement Thursday night on the party’s website, saying the statement comes after an overwhelming response to the rally.

“We condemn any effort to stir up hatred, division and fear in our state,” Bolger wrote.

“The Republican Party of New Hampshire will not stand by while such hateful, divisive rhetoric is allowed to thrive.”

New Hampshire Republicans said in a statement that they are “disgusted” by the rally and are calling on the New Hampshire Democratic Party and the New York State Attorney General to take action.

“As the state of New England looks to face a growing refugee crisis, New Hampshire needs a party that puts Americans first, not divisive politicians who want to divide the country,” the statement said.

“The party of the people is not a party of politicians that want to give special treatment to some groups, or exclude others.

The party of New Americans is not going to tolerate anyone who would divide the state by the color of their skin or by the creed they profess.”

Bolger has been one of the most vocal critics of the rally, and the Republican Party has responded with an open letter to New Hampshire Democrats, as well as the Democratic National Committee and state Attorney General Maggie Hassan.

The letter said New Hampshire should not be allowed to “become a safe haven for anti-American sentiment.”

New York Times reporter Ryan Reilly contributed to this report.