The new CEO of SC State newspaper will step down after 30 years

By ANNA HUGHESUpdated August 09, 2018 05:37:47The new CEO, John Ettner, is stepping down after 31 years in charge.

He has been a member of the board of directors for the SC State Newspapers since the company was established in 1974.

John Ettler will be succeeded by a new CEO.

John had been chairman and chief executive officer of the company for about a decade, when he resigned from that role in the wake of a criminal conviction.

In a statement issued by SC State, Mr Ettter said he was proud of the great work he had done in leading the company and its businesses, and thanked the people of SC for the tremendous support.

“John has had a stellar career in business, having served as president of The Times in South Australia, and as a board member of The Herald Sun.”

I am proud to have led the company from its inception and in that time I have made a significant contribution to SC State and its members,” he said.”

In my 30 years at the company, I have achieved great things for the company including significant investment in SC State’s infrastructure, including a $5 million investment in a new $40 million printing facility, the creation of two new offices and the opening of the first new printing facility in SC in 30 years.

“While I have a significant impact on SC State over the last three decades, the challenges I have faced over the years have meant I have never entirely left the company as a founder, chief executive or chairman.”

Today I take full responsibility for the work that has been done and I am proud of our incredible customers and employees who have served me over the past 30 years.

“Mr Ettlinger said he will stay in Adelaide until the end of the year.”

It’s been an honour to lead SC State into the future and I’m looking forward to the next chapter,” he told the Herald Sun newspaper.”

As a proud SC State member I am keen to continue my work with the new leadership team, and to continue the exciting times ahead.

“Mr Tertner, who will continue to lead the newspaper until the new year, will continue as CEO of the paper for another three years.

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