The UK’s most dangerous cops are paid more than $5m a year

The Guardian’s chief executive, Alan Rusbridger, has announced a shake-up of the police force amid mounting concerns about the state of the nation’s security.

Rusbridger told the Guardian’s editorial board on Thursday that the “fiercely independent” police watchdog, Ofcom, had found “serious failings” in its oversight of the force and had ordered an independent inquiry into the role of police officers.

But, he said, the police watchdog had not done enough to investigate and discipline those who “have committed serious misconduct”.

He said Ofcom had been given an “unprecedented opportunity” to investigate allegations of police misconduct.

“If it’s a problem that’s identified by Ofcom it’s something that we’ll be doing an independent investigation into,” he said.

“We’re not looking at any one individual but the whole force and of course the force is under scrutiny by the public and by other organisations around the world.”

A new police commissioner was appointed by the government to replace the late Sir Ian Blair in March but the role was not announced until today.

The new commissioner will be made independent of the existing police commissioner, a position that requires the approval of MPs.

The deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, has called for an independent body to investigate all allegations of misconduct in the police.

But Rusbridgers remarks appear to be aimed at further reducing pressure on the force, which he described as “truly a great force”.

The police force was created by the coalition government in 1999 and has been a key part of the coalition’s drive to tackle crime and terrorism.

The force is responsible for policing London, Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands.

The BBC has published some of its biggest-ever investigations into the use of force and corruption in the British police force.

In one of the first cases to be made public in the aftermath of the Manchester attack, the BBC’s Panorama team showed how the force was involved in an “in-your-face, high-pressure atmosphere” of intimidation and intimidation by officers in an effort to deter other officers from reporting suspected terrorism to police.

The force has faced criticism in recent years for its use of excessive force, including the death of a man who died after being beaten to death with batons by two police officers in 2011.

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