How to get your news in Hindi

The Hindi edition of the Hindustan Times (HT) will be published in English from December.

The Hindi-language edition of Hindustans biggest English-language newspaper has been published in its own language since 2014.

The Hindustani edition of Times Now is being published in Hindi from January.

The new edition will come into effect from March 31, 2017.

The Times Now Hindi edition will feature a wide range of content including the latest events and news, opinion, entertainment, sports, news and sports analysis.

It will also feature a new section for news and analysis in English.

It is expected to attract more than 1.4 crore subscribers.

The HT edition is part of a broader effort to make Hindi more accessible to more people.

The government recently started to launch a new app to enable Hindi speakers to access the HT website.

The app will also provide Hindi-speaking users with information on local and regional events.

The HT is also planning to launch new sections in English for Hindi-medium websites and blogs.

Read more: Hindustania Times – Hindi edition – Hindi-readers article Hindi-reading readers will be able to access articles in Hindi on a website and through an app from February.

The website will have an option to read articles in English, and the app will enable users to switch to Hindi.

The websites of HT, Times Now, IBN Live and TVP will also be in Hindi.

In the next few months, HT will also launch a mobile app to give Hindi–medium readers access to news and updates.

The news will also include news, sports and entertainment.

The app will be available for free for a period of one year from February, while the HT will offer a monthly subscription for Rs. 25 for the first year.

HT also plans to offer free access to its online portal and its TVP platform for three years.

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