RTE’s Ann Arbor newspaper to close after ‘disastrous’ year for news business

Ann Arbor, Michigan (CNN) Ann Arbor’s newspaper will close next year amid a “disastrous” year for the news business.

Ann Arbor News and Gazette (AWG) will cease operations in December, said Jim Ruggiero, president and publisher of the newspaper.

The newspaper is owned by the Ann Arbor News Company and has operated since 1929.

It is the oldest newspaper in the United States.

The last time the newspaper was in business was in the 1980s.

Ruggero said the decision was made because the company did not have the cash to continue.

The news business is an important part of the local economy.

It will also shut down its online news section and move the local news site to a digital portal, which will be operated by Newsday.

The Newsday digital portal will be available only through the online Newsday portal.

The Newsday business will also close and move to the Annapolis News Center.

Ruggeros office will remain open, with staff, including a reporter and an editor, staying on.

But the news content will be moved to a new digital portal called AnnArbor.com, where it will be posted by Newsweek and other digital news outlets.

Roggiero said he has been in talks with the local media and is committed to the community.

He said he will meet with the Newsday employees to make a decision.

Newsday’s online version will not be able to be accessed for 24 hours before the announcement was made, Ruggers website said.

The newspaper will no longer be able for several months after the announcement, he said.