US government to fund new ‘supervillains’ app for nigeria

Posted November 14, 2018 17:05:17 The US government will launch a new app called ‘Supervillains: The Movie’ in the coming months to promote the idea of a new generation of supervillains, the United States Agency for International Development said on Tuesday.

The new app, which will be launched in 2018, will be a joint effort between the US government and Hollywood studio Legendary Entertainment.

Legendary will be providing the voice acting and music, and a script, while the US National Endowment for the Arts will be spearheading the development of the content, according to the agency.

‘Superheroes and the film industry can take their inspiration from the heroes of today’s world.

They have the power to create and shape a better world for all, said US President Donald Trump in a speech at the US-India Business Forum in New Delhi last week.

‘This is the first step in helping us build the next generation of superheroes and supervillains.’

A spokesman for the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said the agency will launch the app in September.

‘The United States has the most talented and dedicated creators in the world, but they also have the most creative minds and the most powerful ideas.

We want to harness this creativity to create a global force that will challenge the status quo,’ the spokesman said.

‘We want to empower and inspire these creators to use their unique talents and passions to change the world for the better.’ 

Legendary has been working with the US to develop its next film in partnership with Disney, which has released the superhero film ‘The Avengers’ and a TV series ‘Supergirl’.

The agency will also support the development and release of a digital-only app called The Avengers: Superheroes: The Movies, which is due to be released in 2019.

The app will have more than 150 million downloads in a few months, according a report in the Indian Express.