Kenyan media to publish ‘novels’ of Aboriginal history in 2018

The Kenyans First Nation, which has been grappling with a $300 million budget shortfall, will publish novels and documentaries in 2018, with a new publication called Kenyani Stories.

The First Nation said the publication would include a selection of essays from indigenous writers.

It said Kenyan Stories would be published as a new issue in the month of September, and would include short stories, essays, and memoirs by the community’s elders.

“I believe that the Kenyann Stories will be an essential part of the story of the First Nation,” said Kenya J. Larkins, chief editor and publisher of the Kenya Times.

In addition, the First Nations government is working to develop a multimedia exhibition at the Museum of the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa that will feature the work of First Nations elders, as well as other indigenous artists.

Earlier this year, the Kenyan government announced a $10 million fund for the construction of a new cultural centre and museum at the historic village of Abysen, located on the northern tip of the Great Lakes.

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