El Presidente: “L’Enfantastique” #ElRepúblico del Trinitador

A new “El Presidente” video has been released, featuring a montage of images of Trinitarios celebrating Christmas.

It’s a little odd to say the least. 

Trinitarios are not known for their enthusiasm, especially not with a new year upon them.

That being said, they have certainly celebrated this year with a lot of enthusiasm.

Here are 10 photos and videos of the festivities that have captured the hearts of the masses: 1.

Trinitario’s joy after a party with a few friends on December 26, 2016, on the outskirts of Mexico City, Mexico. 


El Presidento trinitarios que te cambiaran a los dinos!

#ElPresidency #ChristmasAwards2017#Celebrate #ElPresidenteDecember2017#TrinitaroA photo posted by El Presidentio Trinitari (@elpresidentio) on Dec 31, 2017 at 12:21pm PST3.

A man lights a Christmas tree in front of the presidential palace in Mexico City. 


El Presidio Trinidad de la Plata celebrates Christmas in front the Presidential Palace in Mexico.


A woman sits on a Santa Claus-like tree in Mexico’s capital, Mexico City during the festive season.


Trinitarias celebration of Christmas is no stranger to the public. 


El Primero Trinitaria de las Palmas celebrates Christmas on December 31, 2016 in Mexico city. 


Trinos festive holiday celebration is no secret. 


A festive Santa Claus makes his way down the street in Mexico, Mexico, on December 30, 2016. 


Santa Claus arrives on Christmas Eve to celebrate his arrival in Mexico from England.