Nigerian newspapers have run an ad for the ‘Black Widow’ to fight Ebola

Nigeria’s national news agency NNA has run a campaign ad for a superhero to fight the Ebola outbreak in the country.

NNA said in the ad that the ‘black widow’ was born to a slave owner, and her mission was to save people from the disease.

“This is a story of a hero who was born into slavery.

A hero who could save her slave owners from the Ebola virus.

A superhero who will save her people from a disease that has already killed nearly 3,000 people,” NNA’s head of news and public affairs, Abubakar Mutharika, said in a statement.

The ad’s narrator says that this superhero is the daughter of a slave-owner and has the potential to save the people of the country from the pandemic.

“She has the power to make the world a better place by saving thousands of lives,” it said.NNA has used similar advertisements in other countries to promote their anti-Ebola messages.

In August, the agency ran a similar campaign in the United States, using a video of an African man, played by actor Danny Glover, to urge people to stop donating money to Ebola victims.

In September, the AFP reported that the agency had run a television ad for an Ebola-stricken woman in the US.