What the news in Idaho says about the future of media in America

Idaho newspaper The Idaho Statesman says it has “zero confidence” that the next President Donald Trump will uphold the constitutional duty to keep the public informed.

The article, published on Wednesday, warns that Trump is unlikely to be able to achieve the necessary level of transparency that a president is supposed to have.

It cites the recent revelations of Trump’s repeated efforts to hide or manipulate intelligence reports and the subsequent decision to hold a briefing on the issue.

The paper says the lack of transparency has already contributed to the rise of “fake news” and the erosion of public trust in the media.

“In the past, presidents have attempted to shield themselves from the media by denying access to intelligence briefings, denying the existence of classified material, and even denying that intelligence is classified at all,” the article states.

“But this is unlikely under a President Trump, who has said repeatedly that he is the most transparent person in the world.”

There is no way that Trump can achieve that kind of transparency.

It will be up to Congress and the courts to decide whether the President has complied with the Constitution.

“The article was published as Trump’s first foreign trip as president begins.

The president has said he will not release his tax returns, a pledge that has angered Democrats and prompted the White House to issue a rebuttal on Tuesday.