I just got a book deal, but there’s a problem with my story.

The story of how a man named Eric was killed by an unknown assailant in a Los Angeles suburb is one of the most disturbing tales in the world today.

It is also one of my favorites.

It’s not only because of the sheer scale and violence of the story, but also because of how I can’t remember ever having read a book that was this gruesome.

Eric was a 22-year-old student who had been dating a woman named Michelle (who is not Michelle).

He was one of several people who were walking home from a bar, one of many such incidents in Los Angeles.

Michelle told investigators that when she got home from work she saw a man holding a gun to Eric’s head, and that the gun was in his waistband.

The gun had a 9mm cartridge in it, which was the same size as a revolver.

The weapon was brand new, so the gun had no history of being used in a shooting.

According to Michelle, the gun did not belong to Eric.

Instead, it belonged to a friend who had previously killed himself.

The two men exchanged gunfire, and Eric was shot five times in the back.

He died of his injuries in hospital.

The police department was unable to identify the killer.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Eric’s death had been investigated by a special task force made up of police detectives and investigators from the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

There is no evidence to suggest that Eric was the victim of a crime.

The story has not been widely covered, but it is not the only shocking story about a killing that happened in a country that is notorious for its gun violence.

There are a number of other examples of similar stories from around the world, including one that occurred in Mexico, in which a man in his early twenties was killed after a man drove his car into a group of people on a highway.

The victims, who were in their twenties and had been celebrating their anniversary with friends, were shot and killed.

The Mexican police chief said that they had no idea who had driven the car or where it had come from.

“We have no idea what the motives of the driver were,” said Miguel Ángel Martínez, the country’s interior minister.

“He was drunk and did not know the consequences of his actions.”

The murder of Eric in Los Angles also happened to be one of three people killed in Mexico in 2015, but the killings are often linked to gang violence.

On the other hand, Eric’s story is not unique in the United States.

Many other mass killings happen in the US, but in each case the killer is linked to gangs, drug cartels, or other criminal organizations.

There have been many reports about mass killings, including those in the Chicago area.

But, until now, there has been no story like Eric’s, even though the details of the attack were horrific.

According the Associated Press, Eric was “a black, 18-year old college student who was shot dead by an unidentified assailant in Los Angelas in December 2015.”

He was shot and critically wounded at a party after an argument with a friend.

According a police report, a group was walking home when a group member spotted Eric with a handgun.

When Eric asked the man for his ID, the man pulled out his gun and began firing.

When the shots stopped, the group member told police that he had killed Eric because he had robbed him of his wallet and cellphone.

Police arrested the shooter.

Eric’s mother told reporters that her son was a very popular and “very polite guy” who loved music.

He had a girlfriend and a dog.

“There’s no evidence that he was involved in any type of criminal activity,” she said.

The incident has been described as an isolated incident, but a number other incidents have occurred in the past year in which people have been killed with guns.

On January 27, 2017, a 17-year, former U.S. Marine named Andrew Joseph Clements was shot to death at his home in New Mexico, where he was a former Marine.

The shooting occurred at a birthday party for Clements, who was a member of the U.A.E. (United American Alliance), a group which has ties to gangs in the region.

Clements’s girlfriend told the AP that he “just needed to have a little fun and it wasn’t a serious situation.

It was just a fun time.”

Clements lived in New Jersey and was reportedly attending college in New York City.

The AP reported that Clements had a criminal record that included convictions for robbery and assault.

The Albuquerque Police Department said that Clement had been shot multiple times in his home, and his body was found in his garage, where it was surrounded by bullet casings.

His girlfriend, who lives with him, told the Associated Statesman that he worked at the local Walmart as a security guard.

“His death is