How to keep the snow from making a big mess in the streets

By the time Boston’s streets started to freeze again on Monday, most residents were ready to leave.

But some had a different idea of what to do about it.

One man, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal, told the Boston Globe that he had bought a snowman from a local toy store and had brought it with him to his neighborhood in the South End.

He said he’d brought the toy because he thought it looked nice.

But he said he wasn’t sure how to remove it from the driveway.

“I don’t know what to put on it,” he said.

“I think the car should be covered.”

Another woman, who also asked not be named, said she brought the snowman to her neighborhood’s local Walmart and brought it home to a cardboard box.

She said she didn’t think she could remove it because it was so big.

“It’s big enough for two kids to put their hands in,” she said.

Boston police told ABC News that the department would be deploying officers to patrol the area to make sure residents knew what to expect.

But it was unclear how many people would be patrolling the streets.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans told ABC that he is working with the City Council to make changes to the city’s snow removal policy.

“There are things that we can and will do to better educate residents about what to look for, what to be careful of and how to take care of their personal property,” Evans said.

“We are not going to stop our snow removal efforts just because the weather is going to be a little cold,” Evans added.

“We will continue to be vigilant and be ready to respond in a timely manner.”ABC News’ Matt Miller contributed to this report.