How to know if you’re at risk of becoming a zombie

I was reading a lot of the latest news about zombie apocalypse news and I saw that the word “zombie” was trending on Twitter and Facebook.

I thought, ‘what the hell is a zombie?’, so I tried to figure out what was going on.

The word is derived from the Latin “zombi” meaning “dead”, but “zombies” is a very old term for people that have been dead for a long time, not people who were revived.

A zombie is someone who has been dead since the time of the first human.

Most people who live in urban areas are considered to be “zones of the dead”, but there are people in rural areas and in remote areas as well.

They have a hard time adapting to a world without food, water, shelter and clean air.

Some have lost their memory, some have been severely burned, and some are unable to think, communicate or feel emotions.

Many people are living in fear of becoming zombies.

Zombies are considered a very dangerous disease.

There are a lot more ways to become a zombie than just walking around in the dark, alone and hungry.

People have been bitten by zombies in many countries, including Australia, the United States, Brazil, Brazil and Germany.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), about 5,500 people have been infected with zombie-related diseases in Australia.

Australia has had at least five fatalities from a single case, including one woman who was bitten by a zombie in her home.

For more on how to protect yourself, read our guide to how to avoid becoming a Zombie.

You can learn more about zombie disease at the ABC’s Zombi Centre website.

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