PM Singh calls for ‘credible’ investigation into PM’s death

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the US to conduct a “credible” investigation into the death of his wife and son, according to his official Twitter account.

The Prime Minister’s Office has been inundated with calls for a probe, with the hashtag #PMSinghCallsForCredibleInvestigation trending on Twitter.

“My thoughts are with all the family and friends of the Prime Minister of India and his loved ones,” the Prime Minster tweeted.

The PM’s office said it was “disappointed” by the “unfortunate and unacceptable” reports about the death.

“While India condemns any act of violence, we are saddened by reports of the death, which are totally unacceptable and unbecoming of a leader,” it said.

The US is currently investigating allegations of a cover-up and has asked India to provide the “full and complete truth” about the case, a US State Department official said.

“Our hearts go out to the family of the deceased Prime Minister and their loved ones.‎ We are committed to supporting the investigation,” the official said in a statement. 

The Indian government had said on Friday that Modi’s body was in Delhi and that he had died at a private residence.

The US embassy in New Delhi said it would be assisting the Indian government in the probe.

Indian police and military have been on high alert following the PM’s arrest on charges of murder and attempted murder.

India has launched an investigation into a video that appears to show Modi being beaten and arrested in a police van.

The video has been circulating on social media since Monday.

The Indian Prime Minsters office has said that a formal inquiry was under way.

A video shot by a woman who claimed to be a friend of the PM and posted on Facebook shows him being held down by two men and being beaten on the back of his head.

“He was held down for no reason, he was not resisting and he was beaten and beaten badly,” she said in the video.

“I was in shock, I was crying,” the woman said in an interview with CNN-IBN television.

The woman who posted the video claimed that the men involved in the beating were part of a group of “patriots” who were protesting against the Prime minister’s arrest.

The video was shot on the day Modi was arrested on Monday on charges that he assaulted a police officer, broke a woman’s nose and broke a man’s leg during a clash with a mob in New Jersey on December 15.

The man who filmed the video is seen being led away by the police.

The woman was also filmed allegedly telling the police that the Prime Ministers body was found in Delhi’s suburban Gulbarga area.

The officer who arrested Modi was later released without charge.