How to get your money back in Mexico’s $16 trillion trade deficit

New Mexico Gov.

Gary Herbert (R) signed into law on Wednesday a bill that will allow U.S. citizens to reclaim their money in Mexico if they want to.

The measure takes effect in 30 days.

It allows U.N. citizens who moved to Mexico to apply for the money back.

The U.K. and Germany are the only countries where this can happen.

“Our policy is that foreign nationals cannot be issued visas to come to the U.R.S.,” said Herbert, who signed the bill into law after it passed the state legislature last week.

The bill comes after Mexico’s trade deficit reached $16.5 trillion last year.

Herbert said he wants to make sure U.H.I.S.-Mexican trade does not increase in the near future.

The new law was written by Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-Albuquerque) and Rep. Dan Benishek (D-Las Cruces), who are both members of the House Ways and Means Committee.

They wrote that the U-H.O.S., or United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), can only ask Mexican authorities for a U.F.I.-related visa if the U’s government has a good reason to suspect that the person is not a legal resident of the U and is likely to attempt to enter the U, the lawmakers wrote.

“ICE cannot ask for a visa if it has no reason to believe the person may attempt to violate U.O.’s laws, or may be a threat to national security,” they added.

It is not clear how the new law will work in practice, or what impact it will have on other foreign visitors to the country.

Mexico has a longstanding practice of allowing U.M. citizens and legal residents who have committed crimes in Mexico to seek out U.U.H., but it has been unclear if it would be allowed to do so now.

The law does not specifically mention Mexicans who were born in Mexico, but the bill specifies that it applies only to those who are citizens of Mexico.

Mexican officials have said that the new bill could make it harder for people who have been granted U.B. and U.C. visas to enter Mexico, though that seems unlikely given the new legislation’s language.

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