How to watch the Indianapolis 500 from a modern Indianapolis car

Indianapolis, IN—Indianapolis Motor Speedway is known for being a track that gets some of the highest ratings in NASCAR, but the Indianapolis 500 has become a bit of a hotbed of controversy over the past two weeks.

On Sunday, two cars that were not on track during the race were caught on video spitting at each other.

Both were reportedly caught by another fan.NASCAR has released a statement about the incident, saying that “two cars that did not appear on track were caught by the crowd.”NASCAR says it has taken action against the two drivers and has issued a ticket to both.

The IndyCar race was not on the agenda of the FIA when the video was taken, which meant the race was never under threat of a safety violation.

However, the event was on the table for the IndyCar Series and its sanctioning body at the time.

So why did NASCAR, which is the sanctioning entity for the race, need to intervene?

The FIA issued an “immediate suspension” for both drivers and the car they were involved in, meaning the driver in question would miss the rest of the season.NASCar and its drivers were also given a one-year suspension for the incident and were fined $500,000.NASAC president Jimmie Johnson says that, while it was not a safety issue, it is the “right thing to do” to keep the races out of the headlines.NAScar’s statement is below.

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