Jamaican star newspaper gets a new digital publication

ESPN Crikey News has published the first issue of a new online newspaper series by the country’s leading newspaper publisher, Jamaica Star newspaper.

Jamaica Stars owner Jomo Jaka says it was “very difficult” to find a publisher for the publication, which will run every week for three weeks starting on September 15.

It’s been a very tough three weeks,” Jamaican Star publisher Jomo said.”

We have been working on a number of different ideas, and the idea of having an online newspaper was something that we felt we could be really passionate about.

“This was a huge decision for us and we have been looking for a publisher to partner with us.”

It was very difficult, because we are the most successful newspaper publisher in the world, but we also knew it would be very difficult to find an online publisher.

“In order to find the right publisher we decided to look at a number different publishers, and in this case, it was the Jamaica Stars who emerged as the first choice.”

The digital edition is just as exciting as the print edition, because there is a very clear visual difference between the digital and the print editions, and it’s very clear where the focus is.

“I have always said that a digital magazine can only do so much and the digital edition has a lot of content and I think we have really made a great first step.”

The digital publication will run weekly from September 15 until the end of October, and will feature the latest sports news and features, including interviews with world football stars, international sporting personalities and celebrity guests.

The new issue will feature a range of content including exclusive stories, behind the scenes looks and exclusive features.

The digital magazine will feature articles and interviews with sports stars including the world’s top football players, as well as celebrity guests such as tennis legend Andy Murray, rugby star James Horner, tennis legend Martina Navratilova, golf legend Rory McIlroy and the Rugby World Cup team.

The print edition will feature exclusive content including articles on celebrities, sports and entertainment, and features on the stars and their careers, as they prepare for and during the games.

The online publication will feature content and features from Jamaicas Star, including content on the club, the player and the club’s players, and feature exclusive interviews and articles.