How to get the best views of the Kalgoorlie sky – SA News & Current Affairs

The South Australian sky is so crowded with reds, oranges and oranges of all colours that it can be difficult to get a good picture of the sky at any one time.

But with the SA Sky Watch app, you can watch the sky from any of your mobile devices, and get a better picture of what’s going on.

The app, available for Android and iOS, allows you to look up to 100,000 stars and constellations, with a total of 2.8 million celestial objects to view.

It’s a great way to see the sky without having to plan your day around any one object.

SA Sky Watch can also be used to look for celestial objects in other parts of Australia, such as New South Wales and Queensland.

The app will also let you view the Northern Territory sky, but there are limitations on the time you can view that area.

Sydney SkyWatch, for example, can only be used for one day a week.

However, the app can be used as a tool for exploring the skies at other times of the year, such the Northern Hemisphere winter months.