Which city has the best skyline in Cleveland?

Cleveland, Ohio is an amazing place to visit and experience, and the city is still thriving after years of economic stagnation.

But that’s about to change.

The city’s skyline is getting some serious attention, thanks to a $1.5 billion renovation project to improve the area around the city’s downtown.

The plan includes building new parks and parks surrounding the Cleveland Clinic, which has been in the heart of the city for decades.

Here are some of our favorite photos of the project.

Cleveland Clinic renovations The new Cleveland Clinic is now open to the public.

This photo is taken on August 20, 2017.

A few days later, construction began on the second phase of the new building, which is expected to open in 2021.

A view of the site shows the new Cleveland clinic building in the distance.

It is located on the former site of the former Cleveland Clinic Medical Center, which closed in 2015.

This is the second-floor lobby.

A new restaurant and spa are set to open next year.

Here, workers prepare to install a new security system for the new complex.

Here’s a view of a portion of the lobby, including a sign announcing the completion of the renovation project.

Here is a view inside the new clinic.

A rendering of the revamped Cleveland Clinic.

In addition to the new medical center, the project will also include renovations to the surrounding neighborhoods, including the surrounding schools.

The project is currently expected to cost $1 billion.

Here an image of the renovated Cleveland Clinic complex.

The Cleveland Clinic was a thriving medical facility that operated for over 50 years until it closed in 2017.

Here you can see the lobby.

The new hospital has a new entrance.

Here a view looking north, across the street from the old clinic.

The lobby is being renovated.

The renovation is a collaboration between the city and the Cleveland-based health care company that operated the facility.

The construction project includes building a new park and a new playground for children.

Here the park and playground are being planned.

A section of the Cleveland clinic lobby.

This area was formerly used by doctors.

Here two men walk through the renovated clinic.

Here one of the construction workers looks over the new parking structure.

A look inside the newly renovated clinic facility.

Here construction workers are finishing up the renovation of the clinic.

Construction is about to begin on a new parking garage.

Here another view of construction in progress at the new facility.

A construction worker walks past the new exterior entrance to the old Clinic.

A crane is being used to complete the building.

Here workers are making progress on the new construction.

Here again, workers are building a portion.

Here more construction is being done.

Here we see construction workers making progress at work on the construction site.

Here workmen are working on the parking garage and new parking lot.

A portion of one of several new entrances to the Cleveland Medical Center.

A worker prepares to erect a new lighting system.

A workers is working on a lighting system in the new location of the medical center.

A building worker is making progress with the new entrance to a new clinic location.

Here someone works on the lighting system on a construction site outside the old medical center building.

This construction is scheduled to start this fall.

Here three workers prepare for the first of many renovations of the building at the old Cleveland Clinic medical center facility.

Workers are putting in the lighting systems.

Here they are working.

Here worker is working with a construction crew on the building’s roof.

Here crews are making improvements to the building exterior.

Here some of the lighting equipment is being installed on the roof.

A large portion of a new roof is being added to the existing structure.

Here building workers are preparing to install the new roof.

Below, workers make improvements to a portion that will be used for the construction of a temporary office.

Below workers are putting down concrete to help build the new structure.

The building will be the third of the renovations that will take place throughout the new year.

Above, workers and others work on a portion for the roof of the old building.

Below we see workers and construction crews working on some of a larger portion of an exterior wall.

Below construction workers work on adding some of some concrete for the exterior wall of the existing building.

Above we see some of an area of the interior of the hospital building.

The hospital has been closed since 2016 for maintenance work, and this renovation will be needed for maintenance to continue.

Below is a section of an interior view of some of what will be built in the area.

Above you can watch workers work.

Below you can read more about the new renovations.

Below the hospital, construction workers can be seen making progress as they are making repairs to the exterior of the facility in progress.

Above is a construction worker looking at some of his work on an exterior of a building. 

Above is construction workers working on another portion of building construction.

Below are workers working with equipment to construct the new hospital.

Below they are seen working on construction work in progress, which will be completed in fall.