How ‘Bachelor’ Bachelor host Ryan Seacrest became a ‘f****** legend’ in a few short years

The Bachelor franchise has been the center of attention since its premiere in 2013.

Airing every week for a few weeks, the reality show has generated millions of viewers and has become a ratings juggernaut.

However, as of last week, the show’s ratings have plummeted to a record low.

That’s according to a report from CBS Sports.

For the year as of September 30, CBS Sports estimated the ratings for the Bachelor franchise at 1.5 million viewers.

That compares to an average of 4.7 million viewers during the season five finale of the reality series.

In fact, CBS reported that Bachelor in Paradise averaged 3.4 million viewers last season.

However the franchise has struggled to reach that level for a variety of reasons, including declining viewers and a lack of new episodes.

According to CBS Sports, the ratings decline of the Bachelor in 2019 may be a result of a lack on new episodes and the fact that Bachelor Nation has grown to the point that CBS doesn’t need new episodes to stay relevant.

The Bachelor’s ratings may not be as bad as many people think.

The show averaged 3 million viewers in its first season.

That number dropped to 2.5 percent last year.

In 2018, Bachelor in the United States averaged 2.9 million viewers, according to Nielsen.

The numbers are also lower than the ratings of the ABC version of the show.

In 2017, Bachelor Nation averaged 2 million viewers per episode, according the network.

That was down from 4.4 percent of the viewing audience in 2016.

The ABC version averaged 3,828,000 viewers in 2017, according for ABC News.

That figure dropped to 3.2 percent of viewers last year, according CBS Sports’ numbers.

However CBS reported in the report that the Bachelor has been on hiatus since 2019 due to the fact Bachelor Nation was losing viewers.

The network reported that ABC has not announced a new date for the show or when the show might return.

The ratings decline may be due to a lack or a lack-luster Bachelor in America.

The CBS Sports report cites Bachelor Nation’s struggles to get new viewers and as a result the network’s numbers are down from the peak.

Bachelor Nation did not return requests for comment.

It is worth noting that Bachelor In Paradise is not the only show on CBS with ratings decline.

ABC has had a similar problem, CBS said.

ABC averaged 3 percent ratings in 2017.

ABC said it did not announce a new season date, but that the network did not expect to return in 2020.

ABC’s numbers were down slightly in 2018 and fall to 1.9 percent in 2019.

CBS also did not release any numbers from Bachelor Nation.

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