When the news comes, we must follow suit: ‘I’m going to be a hero’

Posted September 25, 2018 05:27:07When the news is breaking, we need to do the same.

“We need to be the people that are making the news,” said Tom McCollum, president of the Hawaii News Media Association.

That’s the message he’s pushing.

He’s one of about 20 members of the HNAA who are pushing for more coverage of the plight of homeless people in Hawaii.

McCollum, who has lived in Hawaii for nearly 40 years, said he’s seen a change in the media landscape in recent years.

It’s become less adversarial.

The Hawaiian Islands have become a place where you can get out and get a job, get out into the community and meet new people, said McCollu.

I’ve never seen that in New York City.

“The problem is not with our newspapers.

The problem is with our politicians.”

When the homeless were not being treated as criminals, they were treated as human beings, McColling said.

He said he thinks the media is more worried about protecting their political careers than they are about the homeless people they cover.

The news that the state legislature will soon consider bills that would make it easier to evict homeless people from Honolulu’s city limits is a good example, he said.

The bills would require that the city give notice of eviction to people who are not residents of the city.

That would create a huge incentive for the homeless to leave, McColls said.

“If they want to move out, they’re better off going to other cities, but if they’re homeless and they’re in the city, it’s going to make it more difficult for them to get their jobs,” he said, adding that the legislation will help homeless people get jobs and housing.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports that the measure passed the legislature this week.

In an interview with the newspaper, Rep. Bill Chumley said he is looking forward to a hearing on the legislation.

He told the newspaper that he wants to ensure that homeless people can move into housing that’s affordable and not on the street.

Chumley told the paper that he hopes the legislation doesn’t make the homeless homeless, but “it’s going toward that end.”

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