Why CNN’s Michael Smerconish doesn’t like black people

Michael Smedconish, host of CNN’s “CNN Tonight,” on Thursday night said that it was hard for him to watch the documentary film “The White Helmets” because of the racism in the film.

“It just doesn’t seem like there’s that much racism in it,” Smedcornish said.

“But you know what I mean, you can watch the film, but it’s hard to look at.”

The documentary film, which was produced by filmmaker and investigative journalist Peter Bergen, was based on an article in The New York Times on August 3, 2017, titled “A Black American Hero’s Fight Against the White Helmet.”

“A White Helmet is a black American military veteran who risked his life fighting the Syrian government in a bid to save civilians trapped under rubble from the deadly siege,” Bergen wrote.

“As the Syrian city of Aleppo was bombed, the heroic Black American hero, William “Wes” Williams, saved civilians and helped save many more by taking them out of the rubble.

The documentary tells the story of Williams’ bravery and his fight to save people trapped in a warzone.”

Smedcans reaction to the film on social media has ranged from laughter to criticism.

“WES Williams’ sacrifice and heroism is a symbol of bravery and heroism in all of us,” Smead said in a tweet.

“That’s not racism.

That’s what the film shows.

#TheWhiteHelmets” Smedden said in another tweet.”WES is a hero for saving civilians, as is the Black American community in America.

That is not racism,” Smears said.

Smedson has been a contributor to CNN for the past five years.

He previously hosted “The Chris Hayes Show” and hosted the “New Day” morning show.

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