How to get an Israeli newspaper in your neighborhood

When a couple with an Arab son and an Israeli mother moved to a Jewish neighborhood in Israel last year, they were shocked by what they saw: “We saw an Arab family of five coming to the entrance of their house.

And then the man came out, and he was yelling at us,” says Amir Fathi, one of the couple’s children.

“I thought to myself, ‘What is this guy thinking?'”

Fathi’s story has become an emblem of the growing tensions between Israelis and Palestinians.

But the couple, both doctors and lawyers, are frustrated with Israeli policy and Israeli media coverage.

They say that, when it comes to Arab communities in Israel, they are left with no choice but to rely on their own media to reach them.

“In the past, we were taught that we should be able to find the news about us in the Israeli press.

We used to get the news in Hebrew newspapers, but then we started to see more Arab newspapers,” says Fathi.

The couple’s story, which has now been published in several Arab newspapers, shows the extent to which Israeli media outlets have distorted the reality of the lives of Palestinian Arabs in Israel.

Fathi says he and his wife, Sara, had already been preparing for a long journey when they saw that Israel’s Arab communities had been “taken” by Israel.

Their son is now attending the University of Haifa, where he is studying Arabic, and they say their family is being “culled” in Israel and abroad.

“The situation in the Arab community is becoming even worse,” Fathi said.

He says that he has tried to reach the Israeli government for years, but his calls have gone unanswered.

“We have had meetings with the Israeli Embassy in Tel Aviv.

We tried to ask about the situation, but we were told, ‘We can’t comment on this matter,'” he said.

Fathi and his family have been unable to obtain Israeli media credentials to be able read their news online, which is a major obstacle to their own daily life.

Fathy and his two daughters have also found that they cannot access Israeli news through the online platform Facebook.

Facebook has been the only source of news for the Fathis for several years.

They now rely on local newspapers and other local news sites for their information.

“You cannot read the local newspapers in the middle of the night, because there is no electricity or Internet,” Fathy said.

The family of two Palestinian Arab sons is now living in the West Bank city of Hebron.

The news of their family’s plight has also reached the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

On Thursday, Netanyahu visited the Fathi family in the refugee camp where they have lived since 2012, where they are living under strict curfew conditions.

“He called me and congratulated me on our hard work and the courage of our family,” Fathia said.

“There was a message for us.

There was also a message from him that he is a good friend of the Faths and of the Palestinian Arabs.”

Netanyahu’s visit came a day after the Israeli military ordered Palestinians to remain in their homes, in a move that has angered many in the region.

“When you have such a huge population, you need to manage them,” Fatha said.

But Netanyahu, who is a vocal supporter of the Israeli settlement project in the occupied West Bank, said that the Fatha family “have not lived in the city of Israel for two years, and we have never even heard of them.”

“If there were a problem with the people of the West Wall, we would have done something,” he said in his address.

Netanyahu’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

Fatha’s and his colleagues in the United Arab Emirates have also been unable, for some time, to access Israeli media, as the Israeli embassy has not issued any official statement on their situation.

“Netanyahu has called us to his office and said that he wants to hear from us,” said Fathi on Friday.

“But we haven’t heard anything.

He hasn’t contacted us.”

Fathi believes that his family is one of many “left in the dark” in Israeli society and that Israeli media have a “negative and inaccurate view of the Arab world.”

He and his husband also feel frustrated that Israeli policies have been taken advantage of to make Israeli Arabs feel that they are not “Israel’s own people,” and that their Arab neighbors in the Middle East are simply “Palestinians.”

The Israeli government’s policy toward the Palestinian Arab community, Fathi and his colleague in the UAE, Ali Al-Qudra, told Al Jazeera, is “not only discriminatory but also harmful to the Israeli Arab community.”

The two said that their decision to seek access to Israeli media was not made lightly.

“This is an issue that we have been fighting for for years.

It is a long struggle, and the only way we are going to get

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