What’s in the next version of Overwatch?

We’ll start off with the news that’s really been bouncing around the internet over the last few days.

A report in Gamasutra indicates that Overwatch is getting a 2.0 patch for PC and Mac, which will include a “massive” number of changes.

According to the report, the patch will introduce new maps and characters, including the infamous “Doomfist” from Overwatch’s multiplayer mode.

The report also suggests that a patch will also be coming for consoles, although the specifics have yet to be announced.

This is the kind of news that usually makes me laugh, but the real news is that Blizzard has announced Overwatch’s new patch.

Blizzard’s official blog post, titled “Patch 2.1.0: What’s New?” describes the new patch as “a major update for both Overwatch and the game as a whole.”

The patch includes:New maps, characters, and modesNew game mode: the “Dreadnaught”New game type: DominationNew maps: The Lost Temple, The Haunted Mines, The Lost Valley, and moreNew game modes: “Duel” and “Co-Op”New heroes: Mercy, D.

Va, Reinhardt, and GenjiNew heroes in the game: Zarya, Mercy, Zarya’s Widowmaker, and the new TracerNew game types: Competitive Multiplayer, Capture the Flag, and Team DeathmatchNew maps for both PC and mobile platformsNew game settings and game modes including: Custom games, Arcade, and Custom MatchCustom maps and game types in Competitive and Custom game modes, including: Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Capture and Hold, and ScoreboardNew game controls and game play, including Replay functionalityNew game features and improvements: Overwatch: The Beginning, the “Pillar of Light” and morePatch 2 of Overwatch will also bring some changes to the game’s hero selection system, including a new skill tree that allows players to create custom heroes that reflect their character’s style.

It’s not clear whether the skills are available for free or if Blizzard is just testing them out for the upcoming patch.

We’ll be covering the patch in-depth as soon as it’s officially released, so stay tuned to Polygon for more details.

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