Australian government launches inquiry into ‘fake news’

The Australian government has launched an inquiry into “fake news” that is spreading in the media, after the ABC reported the Federal Government was considering imposing a $100,000 fine on the news agency.

The ABC’s ABC News Breakfast program published the findings on Monday.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is investigating claims that the ABC’s News24 website is rife with “fake” news stories.

“The ABC is part of a news industry that is being manipulated and maligned in an unprecedented way,” the ABC said in a statement on Monday morning.

“There is a serious risk that false stories, misinformation and misinformation about the Australian government will be passed on to people who would be the most vulnerable to these damaging and potentially damaging outcomes.”

The ABC also published an article saying that the Federal Opposition had “finally” proposed a ban on all “fake, misleading or defamatory” content in the Australian newspaper.

“I’ve been in a position of power where I know that it’s not possible for the media to be free,” Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said in the interview with the ABC.

“You can’t be in a democracy and have free speech and not be concerned about the free speech of journalists.”

“There’s a serious danger that false reports, misinformation, and misinformation will be pass on to the people who are most vulnerable.”

“The reality is, it’s the media’s job to keep Australians safe and keep the Australian people safe.

That’s what the ABC has been doing for years,” he added.

The AFP’s press office said the AFP was not involved in the investigation. “

What’s happened here is a major setback in that mission.”

The AFP’s press office said the AFP was not involved in the investigation.

“If it turns out there is a credible allegation of deliberate false reporting, it is the AFP’s responsibility to investigate that,” the spokesperson said.

“AFPs task force on false information will investigate whether a media outlet is providing false information to people, or whether the AFP has a responsibility to take action.”

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) said in its response to the ABC that it was aware of the ABC report and had been in contact with the organisation to discuss its findings.

“ACMA will work with the relevant agencies to determine what action is required to protect the ABC and the public from false information and misleading reporting,” the agency said.

ABC newsreader and presenter Alan Jones has been suspended by the ABC following the ABC article.

The newsreader said he had been asked to leave his job in a bid to protect ABC employees.

ABC News’s Ben Walsh said the ABC would “not be commenting” on the investigation until the outcome of the investigation was known.

“It’s the ABC we’re talking about here, not the government,” he said.

ABC News (@ABCNews) March 15, 2021

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