What the media is telling us about the opioid crisis

A week after its launch, online newspaper The Detroit Lakes newspaper has come out with a report on the state of Michigan.

The paper has published a number of articles over the past few weeks about the state’s opioid crisis, with the most recent being on Tuesday.

The first piece in the paper was titled, “Why it is still not too late for the US to end the opioid epidemic” and it highlighted that the number of people dying from prescription opioids in Michigan has more than doubled since 2010, to more than 9,000, with more than 1,000 of those deaths attributed to opioids.

It goes on to discuss the growing number of cases of drug overdoses in the state and how the number is increasing.

“It’s clear that our state has been hit hard,” the article reads.

“The opioid crisis in Michigan is one of the worst in the country and it’s not just our state.

Across the country, we are witnessing a surge in the number and severity of overdoses and overdoses related to prescription opioids.”

It continues to focus on the growing opioid crisis and points out that there is a shortage of treatment beds in the US.

“While this is a real concern, there is no denying that we have some of the highest rates of opioid prescribing in the world,” the paper says.

It also points out the state is facing an increase in the rates of suicides and overdoses.

“We are seeing the increase in deaths related to opioids, as well as a number from overdoses, and we need to be on top of it,” the newspaper says.

The story then talks about how a bill introduced by Senator Greg Lohman, a Democrat, has been passed by the state Senate that would create a $50 million fund to help people who have been prescribed opioids.

“There is a lot of misinformation and misinformation out there about what the bill will do,” it says.

“For a state that is already struggling with opioid addiction and overdose, this is very important.”

The paper says it is critical that people in the community know about the funding in the bill, as it will allow people in need to access treatment.

“People should know that if they need help, they can access it, because the funds will be there for them,” it states.

The article also explains how the funding will help people with opioid use disorders and addictions, and that it will provide assistance to those who are suffering from a chronic medical condition, like diabetes or cancer.

“When people with chronic medical conditions need treatment, it’s time to get treatment, because they’re going to die,” the report reads.

“This legislation will also make it easier for people to get the care they need.”

The article concludes with the warning that people should be vigilant for any suspicious activity, such as suspicious bags or a suspicious person, in the area.

“If you see anything suspicious, report it to law enforcement immediately,” it concludes.

“This bill is just the beginning.

We can’t wait to get started, and it will go a long way in ending the opioid scourge in Michigan.”

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