How to be an anti-Trump protester in California

Los Angeles, CA — In California, you can’t be a Trump supporter without being a white nationalist.

And the state’s Republican governor, Jerry Brown, has a plan to deal with that.

Brown, a Democrat who has made anti-discrimination law a centerpiece of his administration, is proposing a new anti-racism law, which he said would allow the state to make its hate crimes laws stricter.

The new law, if passed, would require the Attorney General’s office to file hate crime reports to the county where a hate crime occurred and provide information about the alleged offender to the local prosecutor.

It would also require police to record the race of suspected hate crimes suspects and include the name of any person who identifies as a member of a group known to be targeted by hate crimes.

The law would also make it a felony to commit a hate attack or to post an image on social media that glorifies a hate group.

The California Attorney General said he was not aware of the law until this week.

He said the proposal would not have much effect on the cases of hate crimes, as they would be reported to the FBI.

But the Attorney Gen. said the legislation would ensure that “the victims of hate crime are treated fairly in California.”