How to avoid a false claim on Facebook

A new Facebook advertising campaign has been criticised for being too easy to make.

The adverts appear to be from a real-life business that has been closed, and feature a young woman talking about her dream job.

The campaign is now being flagged as fake.

The problem?

Facebook is actually a fake.

“We don’t take any responsibility for any content that is shared through this campaign,” Facebook spokesperson Brooke Toulouse told ABC News.

Facebook’s adverts can be seen below: The ad is fake because the Facebook account it appears to be belongs to the woman’s employer.

But that’s not all.

It also appears to belong to a real estate company in the US, which is one of the biggest real estate agents in the world.

This particular ad is being labelled a “spam campaign” because it features a company in New York City with a logo that looks a lot like the “T” of Facebook.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the woman in the ad is actually speaking about a real job.

Facebook is the biggest social network in the country, but the fake ad appears to have been shared more than 2.5 million times.

“It is very difficult to verify the identity of a company with this particular logo, but we will continue to work with the relevant authorities to make sure this does not happen again,” Facebook said in a statement.

The fake ad has been flagged as a spam campaign, because it appears that the company in question has a website in New Jersey.

Facebook told ABC it was a “misleading” campaign and that “we are working with law enforcement authorities to address the matter”.

Facebook’s Facebook ads can be viewed below: Facebook’s fake ad is also not very clear about its content.

It says it is an “adventure marketing firm” and asks for the woman to write a short essay about her career and her dream.

Facebook has now removed the ad, and is looking into whether it was an isolated incident.

The woman in question says she has never received any money from the adverts.

“I have never received a single dime from any of these ads,” she said.

The man in the advert, meanwhile, is asking for donations to help pay for his “fantastic job” in the future.

“This is my dream job,” he says.

Facebook says it will review the ad before publishing any more.

“Our advertising partners are always striving to give you the best experience possible.

This type of behavior is not acceptable and we take it very seriously,” a Facebook spokesperson said in the statement.

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