How to avoid a false alarm during a natural disaster

Posted April 25, 2019 07:53:51A deadly wildfire in California has burned out of control and is threatening the lives of thousands.

The National Weather Service says it is warning of possible bushfires across California, including some that are expected to be as fierce as those seen in recent years.

The weather service says it has issued a “very serious” alert for the state’s major cities and counties.

It says the fires in the mountains east of Los Angeles are already threatening homes and businesses.

The wildfires have been raging for nearly a week, forcing the evacuation of thousands of residents in the state and prompting the cancellation of thousands more flights.

The fires in Southern California, which include the Sonoma and Napa valleys, have burned for more than two weeks.

The area is home to many endangered and endangered species.

In San Diego County, the fire has forced thousands of evacuations.

Officials in the county are warning residents not to return to their homes as a massive wildfire has forced the closure of some roads and highways.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.