Indiana paper busted for promoting gay-pride parade

A Marion County, Ind., newspaper is under fire for printing an article titled “Indiana’s Pride Parade” that said the parade was “a ‘gay-prince’ event.”

The Indianapolis Star reports the paper’s editorial board published the article Wednesday.

The Star reported the paper printed the article and apologized on Facebook for it.

“We regret this has been reported,” the Star wrote in a statement.

“It is not what we stand for, and we deeply apologize for any offense it may have caused.”

The paper also posted a statement to Facebook: “The Indy Star is deeply sorry for the way it has been published.

We have apologized for the mistake and will work with the local community to address it.”

The Star published the newspaper’s editorial last year in which the paper defended its decision to run the article.

“When it comes to our state’s pride parade, it’s a ‘gay prince’ event,” the article stated.

“There is a huge contingent of gay people in the parade, which means that there are many people who identify as straight or as gay.

The parade is a celebration of love, unity, and freedom.”