Why does the Southern Poverty Law Center have a bad name?

The Southern Poverty Policy Center (SPLC) is known for its controversial name.

The group is often called the “hate group” and has been labeled by President Donald Trump’s administration as a hate group.

But according to an analysis by the Southern Investigative Reporting Program at Duke University, the SPLC’s critics actually have a lot to say about the organization.

Their analysis finds the SPCA has a bad reputation in many different ways.

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The SPLC is often criticized for using the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) to “spontaneously” develop and promote “hate groups.”

That’s because the SPCLC is not just an organization, it is an organization whose members are often led by white men, like the group’s founder and president, Richard Cohen.

In its 2014 annual report, the SCLC’s leadership noted that “in a recent period of leadership change in the SLC, we have seen an increased focus on the need to identify, identify, and address white supremacy in our community.”

But while the group is sometimes labeled a hate organization, that is not entirely accurate.

The SCLCs leaders also acknowledge that it was not always this way.

The SCL’s founders were white men and, according to the SCLA’s 2017 Annual Report, its membership includes members from “numerous minority communities and ethnic groups, including Asians, African Americans, and Pacific Islanders.”

The SCLA has historically had a “white male leadership structure,” according to its 2017 Annual report, “but has grown increasingly diverse and inclusive.”

According to the report, while “white males are the majority of SCL leadership in some leadership roles,” the organization has been “generally inclusive of people of color and women, and has expanded to include people of all genders and sexual orientations.”

In 2018, the organization’s Leadership Development Program published a list of nine “gender-neutral” leadership roles for which it offered “training, career pathways, and other support opportunities for women, men, LGBTQ people, and people with disabilities.”

But according a new analysis of the organizations 2017 Annual Reports, the positions were predominantly held by white, middle-class, cisgender men.

The new analysis, conducted by the group, also found that, for the most part, the leadership at the SSPC is comprised of “male” people.

The report also found a “high level of racial, ethnic, and gender diversity” in the organization and that “many leadership positions are filled by white people.”

The SSPLC is not the only hate group to be criticized by the SPLCA.

In a 2015 report, researchers from Georgetown University found that the SPLM was a “hate organization.”

But the study also noted that, while the SPGL’s “leadership was primarily white,” the group was also “focussed on promoting anti-blackness and white supremacy, as well as white nationalist causes and philosophies.”

And while the American Conservative praised the SPCLA for the groups “commitment to hate,” the SPLO was quick to respond to the criticism in a statement:The American Conservative, a conservative news organization, said the SPlams criticism is “one of the most outrageous and irresponsible things ever written about the Southern League of the Ku Klux Klan.

It is also wrong and disgusting.

In the end, it shows how the SPBLK has become an extension of the SGLK, and how it has become the mouthpiece for white supremacy.

That is unacceptable and is why I am boycotting the SPLLC, and all organizations affiliated with the SBLK.”

In a statement to The Atlantic, the group wrote that the group did not endorse the SPLEC and that the “SPLC has done a terrible job of identifying and exposing its hate group activities.”

But the Southern Conservative Action Fund (SCRF), which promotes and finances the SPSLC, wrote that there is a lot more the SPLSC has to teach its critics.

The Southern Poverty Legal Center (SPA), a nonprofit organization that focuses on anti-Muslim discrimination and anti-immigrant sentiment, was also quick to criticize the SPOLC.

In a press release issued Friday, SSPLF said, “The Southern League’s ‘hate group’ designation is the most blatant, extreme example of how a few misguided extremists are trying to silence the voices of millions of Americans.

It’s also an embarrassment to the Southern Jewish community.

The SPLLC’s claim that the SSLC is an anti-Semitic hate group is simply false.”

The SPLA has said in the past that it is not racist, but rather “anti-racism” and “anti discrimination.”

In its 2015 Annual Report to the American Jewish Committee, the Southern Rabbinical Council (SRC) said, “”the SPLC claims that it seeks to promote equality